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WARNING! Do Not Sell Your House Through An Estate Agent If You’re Serious About Selling Fast & Getting The Most Money For It. Read On…

Most people only know one place to sell their properties, and that is through an estate agent. However, what sellers do not realise is that if you are looking for a quick house sale, estate agents are probably the last place you want to go to.

With estate agents, apart from all the hassles associated with viewings and making sure your house is in good decorative order, agents do not have a price and market properties with YOU in mind. Their usual practice is to inflate a property’s price when it first goes on the market with a view of selling it for as much as possible. They do that for one reason only – their commission!

The problem is that when there is little interest from buyers, the agent would slowly drop the price and months would have gone by before there is eventually any interest. Even then, there is no guarantee that the buyer can get finance to buy the house, or maybe the buyer would have to sell his/her home first, and you find yourself stuck in a chain.

Network Property Buyers UK

If you’re in a situation in which you would need to sell your house fast, what you need is CERTAINTY. You want to deal with someone who is EFFICIENT, FLEXIBLE and with a PROVEN TRACK RECORD.

Network Property Buyers is one of the longest established companies since 2005 and now the UK’s largest network of private investors. Each year, Network Property Buyers helps thousands of happy clients sell their properties fast and move on with their lives.

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Here’s what you can expect from us:

We have invested over £5m in our training

We are the UK’s number one property investor network established since 2005. Our associate investors are highly trained professionals who pride themselves for their knowledge in the property industry, efficiency and ethics in their dealing with our clients. We distinguish ourselves from other home buying companies and networks in the following areas:

  • We are the longest established investor network in the UK with a successful track record of helping thousands of sellers sell their property and move on with their lives.
  • Our investors have invested over £5m in their property training over the past 3 years so we are up to date with our knowledge and hence we can offer sellers tailored solutions.
  • We work with professionals with the highest standards and efficiency under or strict ethical guidelines.
Our investors abide by our standards and ethical guidelines as Network Property Buyers Quality-Approved Partners. These guidelines include
  • Being transparent about our buying process at all times.
  • Giving you the best solution that creates a win/win situation.
  • Not disguising an offer with costly terms and hidden charges.
  • Not charging you any fees including the valuation.
  • Involving you in every step of the whole process.
  • Completing on the date as agreed.
  • Being flexible to accommodate your needs.