Quick House Sale

Quick House Sale

According to property experts, the housing market is in the same fragile state it was in 15 years ago and many homeowners will opt for a quick house sale scheme when they need to release the equity in their home

A quick house sale is needed by many homeowners throughout the UK for a variety of reasons. For example, the sudden onset of ill health, unemployment or porce can all play a part in why someone requires a quick house sale and due to the fact that the property market is in similar turmoil to 15 years ago, quick house sale schemes are seen as the ideal solution to financial problems.

Quick House Sale – Releasing Equity

The current property price crash has seen the housing market turn the clock back 15 years according to the experts and research carried out by the Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) showed that lending figures declined dramatically in February and suggested that this was because the market had taken a step back to the times when it was extremely difficult to get a deal. As such, many who need to sell their homes will see a quick house sale scheme as the ideal solution. These types of proposal are cash deals which can be completed within a timeframe to suit the homeowner and can often be a financial lifeline when someone needs to release the equity from their home but cannot sell their home on the conventional market.

Quick House Sale – What The Future Holds

With lending provisions being severely restricted due to the current credit crunch, the property market has been hit hard. Repossessions are expected to soar in 2008 and many will need to release equity from their homes in order to stave off this threat. In this regard, quick house sale schemes are often considered to be a good solution when time is of the essence. Andrew Montlake, a financial expert, states, “Increasingly, we\’re seeing lenders look longer and harder at borrowers who only a year ago would have been given a loan at the drop of a hat. It\’s like the clocks have been turned back 15 years. As it becomes harder for people to take out mortgages, so the number of buyers dwindles which, inevitably, will have a knock on effect on property prices.”

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