If you get repossessed, you lose more than just your home!

Repossession in the UK is now at a record level!

If you get repossessed, your name will be added to the Possessions Register and all the major credit agencies will be notified. As a result, your credit rating will be adversely affected. Few mortgage lenders would want to lend to anyone who has been repossessed so you may never be qualified for another loan or mortgage again. You and your family will have to move out and find other accommodation, losing the familiarity and security of the home you have been living in. With another rate rise looming, it is in your best interest to do whatever is necessary to stop repossession before it becomes too late.

This is the basic court process:
  • Summons for possession – the first stage of the process. A date and time is given for the hearing.
  • The hearing – there are various possible outcomes but the most usual one is the court issuing a possession
    order, which is usually up to two months.
  • Bailiffs warrant – This is the stage at which you could be forcibly removed from your home by the court bailiff after
    a 14-day notice. At this point, it can be stopped only if you pay your arrears immediately, and in some cases, the
    whole mortgage loan in full.


But it doesn’t have to be this way! The good news is that we can help you stop repossession at any time. If you agree to sell your property to one of our cash buyers, you can obtain a stay of repossession from the court. If necessary, your cash buyer can accompany you to attend the court hearing and produce evidence that the sale of your property has already been agreed. The sale can then be completed within 28 days. Even if you are being evicted on the day, we can still stop it. This is regardless of whether your property has equity in it or not.

Don’t let it get to that stage! We can help you stop repossession now!