Sell House Quick

Sell House Quick

A sell house quick scheme could help you snake down the property ladder with minimum pain and disruption.

The absence of property buyers is fuelling the collapse of the UK housing market. For homeowners desperate to sell as they collapse under high mortgage payments and rising living costs, sell house quick schemes offer a rescue line. The increase in the number of sellers reflects the desperation across the UK as homeowners try and get out of expensive mortgage deals and the rising risk of negative equity. But the negative feeling towards the housing market combined with the increasing cost of financing property means buyers are in short supply.

Sell House Quick – Sidestep the Market

HIP packs, stamp duty, high mortgage rates, the removal of 100% mortgages and high interest rates are all impacting on the cost of homeownership. It’s no wonder some first-time buyers are deciding to rent until the market looks more hopeful. But this dearth of home buyers is leaving some homeowners desperate to sell with no choice but to opt for a sell house quick scheme. For those who need to move quickly because of circumstances such as a change in job or relocation, a sell house quick scheme is one way of offering a clean break without having to languish for months on end to find a buyer.

Sell House Quick Industry Steps in

The number of house sales is at its lowest since records began in 1978 according to the Royal Chartered Institute of Surveyors. But for homeowners in financial hardship, escalating debt and mortgage arrears, a sell house quick scheme could be the only way to secure a buyer fast – ensuring they stop the risk of house repossession. Lenders have added to the buyer/seller bottleneck after withdrawing competitive mortgage deals and reducing the availability of new credit. So even when house prices fall and create a buyer’s market, buyers are still far and few between. Up to 123 properties a day could be repossessed throughout 2008. Being in a position where you’re unable to sell your property but you can’t meet the increased costs of your mortgage is destined to leave financial meltdown on the horizon. The sell house quick industry have stepped in to fill this need in the housing market. Where once programmes such as Property Ladder and Relocation Relocation ruled, now websites called Property Snake are rising in popularity, as Relocation Relocation is re-named Repossession Repossession by media cynics.

Speak To Network Property Buyers about a Sell and Rent Back Scheme

Network Property Buyers are a nationwide network of highly experience property professionals with impeccable ethics and standards regarding the quick sale of property. Network Property Buyers are pleased to make highly competitive offers on any standard of property and will be able to complete the transaction within a timeframe to suit you. If repossession or change of circumstance has you needing to sell your house fast, then Network Property Buyers have the ideal solution. Offering a friendly, transparent and totally confidential service is crucial to Network Property Buyers success. To find out more, simply call 0800 0828468 or email