Sell Property Fast – First Time Unlucky

Sell Property Fast – First Time Unlucky

First time buyers who recently managed to get their foot on the property ladder are no desperately trying to jump off and sell property fast.

The cost of getting on the housing ladder isn’t dropping, although property prices are; in all, becoming a home owner is an increasingly unappealing and risky financial move. Many recent homeowners who bought their properties when the housing market was at its peak, are now desperate to sell property fast as negative equity hits home.

Sell Property Fast – New Buyers Hit

In 2007, the cost of getting onto the property ladder soared thanks to over-inflated house prices and five consecutive increases in interest rates. It costs 90% of a first-time buyers annual salary to afford the deposit and stamp duty, something that was just 21% of the annual salary 12 years ago. But it’s those very homeowners who moved the earth to buy their homes who are now most likely to sell property fast. Those who don’t have wealthy parents or a trust fund to fall back on, who earn an average salary, are likely to be feeling the financial pinch the hardest. Many will lose thousands but will have to sell property fast to either stop house repossession or repay debt, or to simply pull the plug before more money is lost.

Sell Property Fast – Sinking Ships

Repossessions are set to soar as the full effects of the interest rate increases, rise in cost of living and plummeting property prices take their toll. A sell property fast scheme is one way out of the economic gloom. Many first-time buyers in the last couple of years will be spending on average 44% of their take-home pay on a mortgage – as the property market crashes, these homeowners are the most vulnerable to debt and repossession.

Uphill Struggle

For new homeowners it’s a bitter pill to swallow, after seeing their parents generations accumulate massive wealth and equity in their homes. Many are reassessing the idea that property is a safe long-term investment – in many cases re-investing any equity saved is a safer bet, even a high-rate savings account could be a better investment than property in the coming years. For those who are caught in an uphill struggle to pay their mortgages, a sell property fast scheme offers some breathing space. It’s the first-time buyers of recent years that are the hardest hit by the credit crunch.

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