What are the costs

What are the costs?

Our service is completely FREE. If you decide to sell your property for cash, your only cost comes from the buyer’s offer that is below the property’s open market value. The open market value is defined as the likeliest sale price between a willing buyer and willing seller in the open market. In other words, what the property is really worth.

With Network Property Buyers, an associate must first of all determine the open market value of a property based on research and evidence. The open market value will then need to be discounted for a quick sale. The level of discount varies depending on each individual case but we pride ourselves as one of the most competitive cash buyers in the industry.

When a cash buyer buys a property, he or she takes over all the risks and costs associated with raising the cash, keeping the property and eventually selling it. At the same time, the cash investor foregoes other investment opportunities. In general, half the discount from a sale goes to covering direct costs.

Our company’s objective is to help sellers with their situations while achieving a viable business. The aim is to establish a win / win situation. If a seller does not benefit from a quick sale, we would recommend that he or she does not sell to us for cash.

Offering cash for properties is only one of the many ways in which we help sellers with their situations. Even if you have little or no equity or if you do not feel comfortable with selling your property at below the market value, we can still help you. Just give us a try and see what we can do for you.