Why choose us

Why choose us?

Network Property Buyers is the UK’s number 1 property investor network established since 2005.

Our network consists of associate investors who are highly trained professionals and we pride ourselves for our knowledge in the property industry, efficiency and ethics in dealing with our clients.

We distinguish ourselves from other home buying companies and networks in the following areas:

  • We are the longest established investor network in the UK with a successful track record of helping thousands of sellers sell their property and move on with their lives.
  • We have invested over £5m in our property training over the past 3 years so we are up to date with our knowledge and hence we can offer sellers tailored solutions. We work with professionals with the highest standards and efficiency.
  • Our offers are highly competitive. Our buyers would give you the highest possible offer that would cover your costs whilst making a reasonable and not excessive profit as a business.
  • We give you an offer with you in mind. Unless you can definitely benefit from the quick sale, there would be no win / win situation. All our businesses are win / win.
  • Our service is free. Unlike some companies that charge a hefty non-refundable valuation fee upfront before giving an offer, you do not pay anything with us.
  • We can offer you more than just cash for your property. We offer solutions. If you have little or no equity in the property, we can still help.

When it comes to selling your house and moving on fast, we have the expertise and resources to help you.